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TSS presents Oliver JR!

What a truly amazing production – every second is worth watching. The atmosphere is that of 1800’s London but it could be the streets of any city anywhere – even today.

Everyone deserves a mention – the back stage crew, the lighting and sound crew, costumes, set design and props, ensemble cast, hair and make-up (lots of dirty faces), choreography, Dance Director, Music Director, Assistant Director and of course the inimitable Cheryl Gaukroger  – thank you all so very much. As always there are stand out scenes and stand out performances: for such a nice lad, Jack W was mean and nasty as Bill Sikes, he was so much in character in the killing scene that he broke the wooden stick! Thomas W as Mr Bumble was funny, not nice but likeable in a not nice sort of way – vocally great. Hester L – a truly artful dodger – charismatic and mischievous. Chris J as Mr Brownlow – so earnest and sincere – it was great to see Chris so comfortable in the role, his first time in a production. Harriet M-S sang so beautifully as Mrs Bedwin, the sense of longing and compassion in the tone of her voice was another poignant moment. Isobel A-C as Oliver performed with a vulnerability of a boy lost in so many ways. The two stand out performances have to be Jed W as Fagin and Lauren S as Nancy. Two performances I will remember forever. The way they both create such believable characters; they portray them as really being there before our eyes. I am mesmerised by both of them, and I could watch them act, dance and sing all night long. It was, Lauren’s “As long as he needs me” that brought a lump to my throat – such a powerful voice that wrenched the heart. This performance, the last I will experience as Headteacher was truly memorable and poignant on so many levels – I cannot thank you all enough – stunning!

Ian Morrel

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