At TSS we are passionate about STEM and want to encourage and support any pupils that consider a STEM career beyond secondary school education. As part of the “E is for Engineering” University STEM outreach project run by Leeds University, TSS is working collaboratively to help develop this project in the hope to see more girls consider STEM at university level as well as employment. The aim of the project is to educate pupils on STEM careers, giving them different opportunities within STEM during their secondary school life, from Year 7 through to Year 13.

To introduce the outreach programme, we invited Natalie Duffield-Moore, the Educational Engagement Lead Officer (STEM) from Leeds University into school, where she delivered an insightful presentation to many of our Year 7 girls. What is engineering? Why is mathematics so important in engineering? These were just a few of the questions Natalie put to the pupils, which she followed up with comprehensive answers.

The pupils also took part in some interesting workshops to get the girls thinking about what attributes an engineer needs and the different roles within engineering. Natalie showcased some of the successful women in engineering such as Marissa Mayer, Mae Jemison, Rachel Skinner and Margaret Hamilton.

Following Natalie’s presentation in October, the pupils took a trip to Leeds University in December to take part in an array of activities and workshops within the Engineering faculty, the day included practical challenges, talks from leading engineers and women in STEM as well as a tour of the university.

Opportunities like these give the pupils a feel for what’s on offer within STEM and will help them with their choices when considering STEM subjects at GCSE, A Level or into further education. Alongside this outreach programme we also work closely with local engineering companies and other universities to help pupils understand the STEM sector and the exciting opportunities that a further education in STEM could create.