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For the second consecutive year pupils have been invited by Arris Engineering; a global innovator in consumer electronics to take part in an exciting challenge, to design and promote a product that would be used to help or assist in some capacity and would be designed and manufactured by an engineering company.

Last year’s winners invented HUME, a device to monitor and display humidity levels and temperature in the home - enabling users to control humidity from anywhere due to alerts and real time outdoor humidity readings from local weather stations.

The benchmark is set high so can this year’s competitors match last year’s success?

The challenge was kicked off by senior engineers at company headquarters.

The brief was specifically designed to challenge and empower pupils to work together to invent something that could impact consumers across the globe. Pupils were given a glimpse into engineering; creativity and innovation in the world of work and through these insight pupils have been receptive to ideas and have come up with some fantastic concepts, including the Nurse Smart Watch, a device to help improve the way a nurse communicates with a patient.

A device called the CAT wireless, this device can charge up to 15 devices at one time using wireless charging electromagnetic fields. Another product called AudioPod; a product which will help people who dislike loud noises or lots of sound. It goes into someone’s ear and searches different decibels and blocks them out. Another idea is a smart wheelchair that is designed to help disabled people move around independently. It will connect to an app/maps feature and assist the user to find safe passage through a town or city (similar to the google car). And last but no means least, a car visor that extends down further than a regular car visor to block out the blinding sunlight. There will be both automatic and manual modes: automatic being where it will scan the person’s height and bring the visor down to a height specified for you. It can also be manually operated. It will also have a feature where it can be used at night to weaken the glare of headlights.

The six week challenge will see teams will go head to head for the title and benefit from mentoring, feedback and guidance from Arris engineers. The final products and lifecycle framework will be presented later in March. The winners will receive recognition for their product as well as a goody bag and trophy presented by Arris.