In February, the English faculty had the pleasure of delivering Andy Craven-Griffith’s writing workshop focusing on ‘The Little Things’. Our aim was to encourage our school community to remember the smaller, brilliant things we still have in our lives and we were so pleased to read and share such lovely words from our pupils.

The workshop followed a simple step by step process and allowed pupils from all year groups to engage, reflect and feel proud of what they produced. It was clear from the finished poems that the pupils had not only found it a valuable writing experience but that the art of showing gratitude, had the ability to boost their mood too.

Andy Craven-Griffith is a brilliant poet and playwright who we have worked with over the last few years as part of the First Story project. In that time, he has inspired many of our pupils to write and contribute their own work to the collaborative anthologies we have produced.

Thank you to all the pupils who got involved and submitted their poems. A Year 11 Pupil said: “I really enjoyed the little things workshop as in this difficult time it really lifted my mood and made me think about the things I am grateful for and to see how lucky I am. I also liked the fact it was different so provided variety to normal english lessons, it helped with my writing skills while also helping me to reflect on what I have. It was a great mix of being thought provoking while being educational.”

The Little Things poem