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Six of our Year 12 learners proved that they are ‘brilliant’ by completing a programme of university-style tutorials with a PhD tutor.

‘The Brilliant Club’ is an award-winning charity that exists to increase the number of pupils from under-represented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. Their ‘Scholars Programme’ matches pupils with a PhD tutor, who delivers 6 tutorials on a topic relating to his or her PhD thesis.

Our Year 12 learners – Lincoln, Freya, Ameer, Liam, Alexandra and Zach – all completed a course on Philosophy in the Autumn Term. Their topic was, ‘Are My Actions Ever ‘Up To’ Me? An Introduction to Free Will’ and was delivered by tutor George Stamets, who is completing a Philosophy PhD at the University of Leeds.

The learners visited the University of Leeds for a campus tour and introductory lectures on note-taking and study skills. George then came to Titus Salt School once a week to deliver tutorials on causalism and fatalism; scepticism about free will; compatibilism vs incompatibilism; and libertarian views of free will. The learners then completed a final assignment of 2000 words, entitled, ‘Could anyone ever exercise free will in a world that is causally deterministic?’

Every one of the Year 12s tackled their final assignment with determination and they all passed with at least a 2:1 or 2:2 grade, which means they are performing to an excellent standard at A-level. Their achievements are particularly notable as none of them is studying Philosophy or a similar subject at A-level! Freya came top of the class, achieving a 1st for her assignment, which is equivalent to performing at an excellent standard at undergraduate level.

All six learners will return to the University of Leeds in February for a final graduation ceremony and it is hoped that this experience will spur them on to applying to highly selective universities - like Leeds – next year.

Anyone interested in learning more about opportunities in Higher Education can visit the Go Higher West Yorkshire website (www.gohigherwestyorks.ac.uk) or speak to Helen Mountain (Careers Adviser), Mr Bird (Named Careers Leader), Mrs Rogers (Higher Education Progression Officer), Miss Lockerbie and Mr Redhead (Sixth Form Leaders).