Attention Year 9 Parents: Our Year 9 Options Evening is on 22 January 2020, please confirm your attendance within the events section on ParentMail. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you then.

Year 7 pupils are taking part in book groups in their weekly reading lessons.  Groups of between three and eight pupils are reading a book of their choice: reading together in the lessons, reading more at home and then discussing what they have read back with their peers. The groups are self-run, each one having a leader and deputy-leader to keep track of the group’s activities.

To start, each class had six books to choose from with different books for each class, so a wide range of titles are being read across the year group. The class teacher introduced each book and instigated a discussion between the pupils who then voted for their top 3 titles. The pupils were grouped according to the titles of their choice which best matched their reading level and each pupil was issued with their own copy of the book for the whole term.

The aim is to engage all the pupils with reading by allowing them to choose the books and run the groups themselves, away from the classroom and in the relaxed environment of the library. Group reading is a great social activity, with keen and able readers helping along those who may struggle to stay focused, and encourages deeper thinking and questioning.

Learning Resource Centre Manager, Ms Hunter said: "The pupils’ enthusiasm is encouraging – they love the autonomy of being able to choose the books and run the groups themselves, giving them an incentive to continue reading. As well as promoting reading, the book groups have the bonus of allowing the pupils to develop their confidence, empathy and leadership and mediation skills."

Picture: The Quiet People reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas