Mr Green, Leader of STEM at TSS was approached by the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) board of directors and was asked to carry out some research into the current  issue of, the lack of females taking STEM related subjects (D&T, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Maths) at GCSE and A level. Mr Green carried out two surveys, one with pupils and one with parents which gave an insight into why there is such a low uptake by girls. To further concrete his evidence Mr Green filmed a question and answer session with five Year 11 girls which was presented to over fifteen engineering and manufacturing businesses.

The AME and CTE board members watched the video and were extremely impressed; they were very complimentary about how they girls eloquently answered questions based around girls studying STEM subjects.

Due to their confident performance and exceptional answers it has brought into questions how some of the businesses may make changes to improve and encourage recruitment into the industry. They were also very eager to share the video with their workforces to promote STEM. The girls did a fantastic job and we are very proud of them.

Deputy Headteacher, Richard Foster said ‘I’ve just watched the video……wow! I’m not surprised the companies want to use it with their workforces…..some fantastically well-articulated responses.’