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Sixth Form learners hoping to apply to Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities are taking advantage of an in-house support programme.

The mentoring scheme for higher attainers was set up by and is run by Mr Reid. He identifies pupils as early as Year 9 that may benefit from extra support, encouragement and super-curricular development throughout their GCSE’s and as they look ahead to university places on hard-fought for courses such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science. During Sixth Form the group is introduced to specialist speakers, including university admission tutors and current undergraduates; they participate in mock interview evenings with industry professionals and academics, including the disciplines of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

Individual reading lists are curated for each member to encourage super-curricular activities based around an extensive range of texts and dedicated critical personal statement support is undertaken in Year 12 and throughout the summer break in preparation for the early UCAS deadline in Year 13.

Learners are also encouraged to apply for courses in which they can gain experience and progress their learning.

Three Year 11 pupils have been accepted onto the CamSpire programme – an 18 month programme run by Queen’s College Cambridge, which aims to inspire Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Arab learners to apply to selective universities. CamSpire includes three fully funded residential visits to Cambridge and a personal mentor currently studying there.

Since the programme began, two learners have received offers to study medicine, one for dentistry and one for veterinary science, all from some of the best rated universities in the country. We have seen successful interview applications and two offers for Oxbridge.

We strive to support our learners to be the best they can be and it’s thanks to their hard work and determination, with support from TSS staff, that make our learners successful. We are working hard to increase these numbers in the coming years.