This is the fourth year running that our school community has celebrated National Writing Day which meant stopping whatever we were doing at 11:30pm and getting creative!

The theme this year was connection – something which has evidently become more important in the last 15 months to many of our pupils and staff – and the task was to ‘Fill the Box’. In previous years, we’ve tasked ourselves to freewrite for a certain number of minutes but this year, we challenged ourselves to say as much as we could with a limited space. Every pupil had a post-it note to fill and with a bit of help from Karl Nova ( there was no stopping them.

We received word splurges, short stories, poems and quotes and had the privilege of spending the afternoon with published writer Andy Craven-Griffiths and First Story’s Regional Organiser Andy Hill looking through all of the brilliant entries. We agreed, we laughed and we even got emotional after reading some responses and we wanted to be able to share them with you too. Here are some of our favourites and you can read more by clicking on the link below:

‘Dear BT,
Please fix your Wi-Fi connection’ 

‘I am connected to my dog. She doesn’t like strangers, children, bikes, dogs, brooms, vacuums, cars, hairdryers, blenders, brushing her teeth, cucumber skin or people looking at her. But she does like me so that’s cool.’

‘I’m disconnected. There’s no thought about it. All the uncertainty in the world, that I am now beginning to feel in myself. Absolutes are transforming to maybes and the maybes drowning in the sea of endless conflict floating around in my head. Though I still find small flickers of hope, lifeboats dragging my thoughts to dry land. My friends. The reason my connection is holding on.'

For more work click here

Picture: Andy Craven-Griffiths