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For the second year running the whole of our school community got creative at the same time by taking part in National Writing Day. Writing creatively can sometimes be squeezed out of our lives and at Titus Salt we welcome any opportunity to be creative as we know how beneficial it can be to our confidence and well-being - so, sharing in an activity where we all write together about whatever comes into our heads? Let’s do it! 

On Wednesday 26 June at 11.30am we all picked up our pens, thought about a place, real or imaginary, that was important to us in some way, wrote the starting phrase, ‘In this place…’ and wrote in silence for 7 minutes. So, in every Maths classroom, Science lab, Humanities class and even the Sports Hall pupils were thinking and writing creatively.  

Ms Chillington, Faculty Lead for English, is looking forward to reading all the pieces to select sentences to be shared through a display in school and on the English Faculty Twitter feed @SaltTitus

Here are two magical phrases to get us started from the sublime ‘the smell of Mum’s cooking. This is comfort. This is home. And in this place you are never alone’ to the tortured, ‘in this place I spend every second staring at the clock, enraged by its agonisingly slow ticking’ now, I hope that wasn’t a teacher…National Writing Day is led by First Story, a national literacy charity dedicated to changing lives through writing.