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2018 was the ‘Year of Engineering’ and every Year 9 pupil had the chance to be an engineer at a STEM focus day in December. Activities including hovercraft building, robotics and making a replica London Eye using paper, which challenged pupils to consider the various stages of the engineering process, from design and prototyping through to construction and testing.

The hovercraft teams designed their vehicles, cut and assembled the hovercraft and skirt before racing their finished craft in an exciting finale. The overall winners were Jethro, Teiya, Tia, Oliva, Willow and Faliha– whose beautifully designed and crafted swan-shaped hovercraft won the judges’ praise.

Pupils building replicas of the London Eye had a busy morning, as each team needed to roll 250 sheets of paper into stiff tubes.

These were then joined together to form the outer structure of the wheel, before the addition of a central cog and spokes completed the construction. When mounted on a frame, the wheel turned which was an impressive sight.

Four other workshops allowed pupils to design and pitch their own engineering solution to a problem; to complete an engineering quiz using Quizdom remote responders; to design and build a tower of paper which could withstand the force of a large fan; and to build and control robots in a battle of strength. Every pupil was able to engage in some aspect of the engineering process and a great deal of fun was had by everyone involved!

Thanks to our two providers -  J&J Projects and Learn By Design – and to Mr Stuart Green, STEM co-ordinator. Mr Green is keen to offer more opportunities to pupils interested in STEM, so if you are a parent who currently works in the STEM sector and would be willing to share your experiences with pupils at our school, please get in touch