Running for the second year at TSS the ‘E is for Engineering’ project, run as part of the Universities STEM outreach programme, which is to encourage more females to consider a career in Engineering, delivered two workshops to our Year 7 and Year 8 girls.

Year 8 had a presentation delivered by a female Engineering PhD student focusing on the importance of detailed research when working on a project. After listening to the presentation pupils worked in pairs and began to research using the internet a medical device which has been used to save people’s lives. This allowed the pupils to put into practice what they had learnt during the live session. These will be finished and pupils will recieve feedback from the Leeds University students.

Year 7 pupils were introduced to what Engineering is and the exciting opportunities a career in this sector can bring. Pupils watched an excellent video produced by De Puy Synthes who are a Leeds based company who design and make equipment used by surgeons and also manufacture artificial joints.

This showed them that not all Engineering is mechanical and that there are a wide variety of interesting engineering sectors they could follow. After the video pupils had the opportunity to be engineers and solve a real problem. They could either help Kyle who dreamed of being a hairdresser but didn’t have the full use of one of his hands, or they could help Graham who wanted to snowboard again after he was partially paralysed after a freak snowboard accident. Teamwork skills and creativity was used  to come up with some excellent designs. Leeds University will choose a winning team in the next few weeks.