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Congratulations to Sixth Form learners, Jordan, Laurence, Jacob and Zak on receiving the title of top performing team from the Yorkshire and Humber region at the Big Bang Fair 2019.

After winning recognition at the regional heats the boys and their invention were put forward to the national finals at the BIG BANG FAIR at Birmingham’s NEC.  For 3 days our young team of engineers where showcasing their product of an automatic blind system to companies and thousands of visitors to the fair.

The group were asked to create something that would help people with arthritis and after conducting extensive research the team came up with an automatic blind system because many people struggle to operate the thin beaded wire to open and shut the blinds in their houses. 

The team worked tirelessly in their own time to build a prototype and at first the blinds would simply use a light sensor connected to a Raspberry PI/Motor to open or close the blind. However, this wasn’t enough for the young engineers and slowly the project was developed and became a lot more complicated. They added an override control switch, voice control and even built an app that can be loaded on to any phone to control the blind through your home Wi-Fi. These additions meant that the blind would help people with a wide range of disabilities and would also appeal to people who just like cool tech!