Pupils return to school on Tuesday 3 September. Year 7: 9.30-15.00. Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13: 13.00-15.00. Year 12: 10.30-12.20

Rebecca brought home Bronze from the Schaffhausen Open Taekwondo Championship in Switzerland and two Gold and one Silver from the Quest 1 to1 Championships in Sheffield.

Since being introduced to Taekwondo at the tender age of seven, Rebecca has never looked back. The A class cadet trains nine hours per week with her local club and in March this year she joined the GB Taekwondo Development team.

“I love Taekwondo, I love competing; I get to meet new people, travel and keep fit all at the same time. I do train a lot, the training with the GB team is hard and is a lot more intense, we train for seven hours solid with only a couple of short breaks.” Rebecca told us.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, which uses uniquely powerful kicking techniques.
Quest Taekwondo, Rebecca’s home club holds classes every Tuesday and Thursday at Titus Salt School. For more information please email Mike McKenzie: mike@questtaekwondo.org