Start times for school, Year 7 - 8.50am, Year 8 - 8.45am, Year 9 - 8.40am, Year 10 - 8.35am, Year 11 - 8.30am Sixth Form - 8.25am

Year 7 and Year 8 took part in an interactive roadshow which was both informative and engaging. The presentation given by Matt, Vanessa and Manorma on behalf of BAE Systems, a British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

The presentation gave an insight into how each of these establishments harness energy. Where does energy come from? How do we create energy? How many different types of energy are there? How do we transfer energy? All these were answered with simple but effective demonstrations from the team. Convection was explained using a hairdryer and a plastic bag. Gravitational Potential Energy was demonstrated with a basketball. Kinetic energy with a rowing machine. One game which got the pupils thinking was the ‘How much energy does your school use in a year’ game.

Split into two teams, Team Big Bang and Team Fusion, pupils had to place the correct percentage with the correct energy listing, for example, how much energy is used up through heating (fossil fuel, coal, oil, gas), this was the highest percentage at 58% and the lowest being water heated by electricity at 1%. It was an exciting fun packed hour which kept our pupils captivated and was enjoyed by all.