National Writing Day – Year 9 Workshop with Andy Craven-Griffiths and
Irene Lofthouse

To celebrate National Writing Day 2019 we held a creative writing workshop with a group Year 9 pupils. Under the guidance of not one, but two professional writers, the pupils enjoyed creating their own list poems and exploring how to plan more detailed and engaging stories. 

National Writing Day is led by First Story, a national literacy charity dedicated to changing lives through writing. Having worked with Andy Craven-Griffiths for three years with our First Story writing groups, we know how inspired pupils are by his passion and enthusiasm for writing. His creative approach ensured everyone was engaged throughout and in teams the pupils produced hilarious list poems and characters.

Some of the things the pupils wrote about included: ‘How to be the Perfect Boyfriend’, ‘How to be Happy’ and on a slightly different note ’10 Steps to Becoming a Psychopath’. Creative thinking!

The group of pupils that took part in the workshop enjoyed the activity so much that they will now deliver this workshop back to their peers in their English lesson, involving the entire year group.

One pupil said: “I liked how we weren’t just writing ordinary poems, we got to be more creative and expressive.”