When studying the relationship between Charles I and Parliament what better thing to do than hop on the train and head straight for the capital city? That’s exactly what 28 Sixth Form A level Historians did last week.

The group spent a day at the Houses of Parliament learning more about the execution of Charles I. There was a tour around the Palace of Westminster and a chance to watch debates in both the House of Commons and House of Lords followed by a workshop on Laws and Debating as well as a 45 minute question and answer session with Shipley MP, Philip Davies. Learners positively participated and asked pertinent and insightful questions while finding out about the importance of Parliament in history and also its relevance today.

Mr Sanderson, Teacher of History, said: “We had a very busy day in London. It was fantastic to bring History alive and visit the site of British politics for the last 1,000 years.”

One Sixth Form learner stated: “The day helped me understand the history of democracy and the relationship with the monarchy and Parliament.”