Challenging questions were asked of local MP, Mr Philip Davis, during a school workshop on climate change run by charity, Hope for the Future. We invited the Shipley MP into school to discuss issues relating to air pollution, green energy, fuel poverty and divesting in fossil fuels.   

Mr Davies, who voted against the Climate Change Act, listened intently to our climate change presentations and shared his views with Eco Club members. Our diligent club members spoke passionately about the drive for change to improve environmental awareness and they listened to Mr Davies and questioned his views and opinions assiduously.

Teacher of Geography and Outdoor Education Leader, Mr Trusselle said: “We were very proud when we were awarded the Bronze Eco-Schools Award; pupils have invested in this worthwhile cause and are dedicated to doing their bit to improve the environment.What better way to debate the topic than with Mr Davies? It was an invaluable workshop which our pupils enjoyed very much. Thank you to Mr Davis and Sarah Robinson from Hope for the Future for organising the event.”