Our Year 7 pupils have undertaken a year-long literacy challenge which started off last July with the Year 6 Transition Summer Reading Challenge. As well as lots and lots of reading, pupils have completed various activities over the academic year such as designing window displays for our Learning Resource Centre, forging ideas for reading nooks around school and creating book marks.

All this reading and activity has earned our pupils Reading to Win points; accumulated points earn some of the highest scorers a Friends and Family Day out of their choice. Last year’s winners took their friends and families to Showcase cinemas, Snozone and Harry Potter World in London!

The winners, Kacper Komorniczak, Ellie Davis and Milly Brooke were recognised and awarded for their fantastic effort in a special Literacy Rewards presentation.

Congratulations to the three highest scorers and to all our Year 7 pupils who have taken part, reading is important, it improves knowledge, expands vocabulary, improves memory and improves writing skills. Keep Reading!

Learning Resource Centre Manager, Ms Hunter said: “Working with the winners and their families to design their tailor-made dream day out is one of the highlights of my school year. It is very satisfying to see pupils who have really engaged with books and reading rewarded with these fantastic friends and family treats. Whether pupils have won one of the top prizes or not, it is fair to say that all pupils will have benefitted from their involvement in Reading to Win.”

Together with the Reading to Win presentation the Literacy event also included, commendation for select pupils for significantly improving their reading skills, finished off with a 12-strong live final of the Year 7 Spelling Bee. Congratulations to Dominic Baldwin who was crowned our top speller!

To see more about the activities and results take a look at the Libradoodle blog galleries at http://tsslrc.edublogs.org/category/doodles/ or for more information on our Reading to Win challenge see http://tsslrc.edublogs.org/reading-to-win/