Pupils at TSS took part in this year’s National Writing Day. Creative writing connects people to their own voices, to their homes, their languages and their own stories. Every one of us has stories to tell, memories to recount or secrets to reveal.

Ms Chillington, Faculty Leader of English invited the whole school to complete the school - community wide writing experience. Pupils embraced the challenge and took part in the ‘free-writing‘ activity where they wrote for 3-5 minutes just using the phrase ‘I remember…’ as a leaping off point. As a result some amazing pieces of writing were produced; here is just a small selection:

- I remember back in 1964 in a small town in Italy, driving my two-seater sports car down the narrow little road to the beach. I remember going up the mountain, taking every corner like a dream. I would think it was all fun and games until I pulled over and opened my bonnet to see smoke. I remember sitting on the side of my car, looking down at the small town. All you could smell was the beautiful salty sea and the fish food nearby. It’s a shame these times are all gone. And here we are. In 2018, wishing we could go back in time.

- I remember…well, to be honest, I don’t remember a lot. I can barely remember yesterday. I think scientists may have replaced my brain with a vegetable…I probably won’t remember doing this in a couple of days. It’s already fading…

- I remember when I was a little girl playing in fields. I remember when I would play with my dolls. I remember when my dad called me Princess…

- The sun reflected onto the surface, creating a mirror image. A single ripple in the lake made this mirror shatter, creating a shaking canvas or distorted colour.

- I remember getting my first job, manager of my very own supermarket – I remember the joy of bagging up my grandma’s shopping and her smiling as she promised to come back to my store – in the corner of her living room.

The event was a huge success, one teacher commented: “I stopped when I’d written one page and expected to see the class looking up waiting for me but they were all still writing away in silence so we went on for a bit longer. It was great!”