Sat in the boardroom at Arris Engineering; a global innovator in consumer electronics, our lucky Year 9 and 10 pupils listened carefully to the brief given by senior employees on their up and coming challenge; to create a consumer electronics product for the home.

The product must solve a problem, or meet a need and be based on real science. The potential GCSE Engineering pupils have six weeks to develop the product, consider the economics of product development and prepare and present a plan following the product lifecycle framework, whilst working effectively as part of a team with peers and mentors.

The teams will all receive feedback during the six weeks and must alter plans accordingly; all employability skills demanded in the engineering sector.

The teams will present their initial ideas to Arris Engineering after half term and receive guidance on their next steps, then, will return in March to present their final product and product lifecycle framework.

The winners will receive a trophy which will be displayed pride of place at school.