GCE/ BTEC/Cambridge Technical Results Day Thursday 16 August 2018. GCSE Results Day Thursday 23 August 2018. For further information see the letters section below.

Titus Salt School is collaborating with Next Generation Fitness and Performance to develop our promising athletes. Our TSS Performance Academy was created for boys and girls that show potential to excel in sport. Pupils will have access to a specialised gym where they will work with Ben Nabozny, an expert strength and conditioning coach, who will provide expert training that is appropriate to their age within the youth training models, coaching, education and nutritional guidance.

Pupils will be encouraged and supported in trying new sports that their physical qualities are suited to, maximising their chances of success. Our TSS Performance Academy pupils will act as role models to their peers, promoting a positive and resilient attitude that can also be taken into the classroom.

PE teacher, Matt Lambley said: “Coming from a sports background myself and having competed at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games as a Hammer Thrower, I am really keen at developing young , talented pupils who have the potential to succeed in sport. With the help of Mr Staniland, we are focused on creating the Performance Academy that will keep our top performing pupils together and motivated to excel throughout their time at Titus Salts School. Pupils have been selected on their sporting abilities identified through testing during PE lessons; keeping a positive attitude and showing signs of resilience are also paramount in the success of the Academy.”

Ben Nabozny, owner of Next Generation Fitness said: "It’s great to have Titus Salt School on on-board. During my 5 years of professional experience as a strength and conditioning coach at the Bradford Bulls Rugby League Club, I identified a gap in the long-term athletic development of young people. We strive to inspire and make a positive impact on improving sports performance and also to encourage healthier lifestyles.I’m very excited to work with the pupils and look forward to improving their overall athletic ability."