Several Sixth Form students volunteered to take part in the BIG Cookathon this year to help promote nutritious cooking within school. The event took place after school with our very own Bake Off star Sandy Docherty on hand to assist the contestants. On the menu was the traditional and delicious Cottage Pie which is great for families to cook and enjoy together.

The BIG Cookathon is run by The Children’s Food Trust, they are on a mission to get children eating well, and are challenging families, friends, schools and organisations across the country to take part in their largest mass cooking event to date.  The annual event, now in its eighth year, aims to get people cooking nutritious, easy recipes from scratch instead of opting for unhealthy and expensive ready meals or takeaways.

2015 BBO contestant, Sandy Docherty said: “Great to be involved in the Cookathon, cooking is a language that all can understand, it should be experimental and creative and if it’s healthy what a bonus. Let’s make cooking walk and take it too the world"

The Children’s Food Trust CEO, Linda Cregan, said: “This year’s recipe takes its inspiration from a time when meals were eaten by families around a table at home, without the distraction of mobile phones and computer games. The BIG Cookathon is one way to get back a bit of that precious family time. We want to show the nation how easy it is to cook and how much fun they can have in the kitchen. Learning to cook is an essential life skill and when children eat better, they do better.”