This week is the first ever TSS Philosophy Week. Members of SPI (Salts Philosophical Institute), who meet in Ms Bennett’s room in HU07 on Tuesday lunchtimes, are presenting this week’s assembly to inform our students about what Philosophy is and why it is important to think deeply and critically about life, reality and meaning. Some of our students have received cryptic letters inspired by the bestselling philosophy based novel Sophie’s World inviting them to attend SPI’s next session. We also have a treasure hunt style philosophy quiz which all students in Year 7 to 11 may enter for a chance to win prizes.

To enter then should ask for a quiz sheet and look out for the answers on the philosopher top trump cards which are displayed in each faculty in school. We would encourage any student keen to find out more by asking their RE teacher or attending SPI on Tuesday lunchtimes in HU07. Previous topics have included ‘do we have a soul?’ ‘when will the world end?’ and ‘do video games limit our freedom?’

Photo: Kesia Garcia and Anwen Swift