You all know the story, the rags-to-riches journey of 11-year-old orphan Annie, one which takes her to the top with her sugar-sweet, positive outlook on life. After months of rehearsals February 9th saw our first performance and wow, what a show!

Jenny Browne, Year 7, was terrific in the title role. She was on stage practically the whole show, striking the right balance between tough orphan, bruised by the hard knocks of her young life, and a sweet, loving little girl.

 Ellie Weedon, Year 12, was truly sensational as gin-soaked Miss Hannigan, staggering around the orphanage, batting off her much-despised orphans like flies. Ellie was a true inspiration to younger members of the cast and her performance was much commented upon by the audience.

Great performances too were seen from Year 11’s Tyler Moore as billionaire Oliver Warbucks, alongside Devon Rhodes and James Mounsey as his faithful staff Grace Farrell and Drake.

Year 11’s Tom Owens and Year 12's Daisy Benson were excellent as heartless schemers, Rooster and Lily, with Year 9's Jack Whitehead providing many comical moments as President Roosevelt.Memorable songs such as "Tomorrow", "Easy Street" and "NYC" were accentuated by the dance troupe who added a touch of sparkle to these iconic numbers, while the whole cast delivered some delightful and thoroughly entertaining evenings.

As well as the actors the show would not be possible without the talents of many others:  the band, dancers, wardrobe, choreographers, directors, technical team and set designers, all made up of students and staff. Every scene was a visual treat, thanks to our lighting and scenery designers. All the students committed hours of their own time by attending after school sessions to ensure delivery of one superb performance. The set design team were involved in all aspects of research, design, drawing and painting. Their artistic skills were exceptional: from measuring out the dramatic New York skyline to large scale painting with precision and flair, contributing to layout and colour decisions during the process.

Together the whole 'Annie' team contributed towards what was an exceptional and professional school production.

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