Our Patron of Reading, Emma Pass, spent a day holding Alice in Wonderland literacy sessions, based around the 150th anniversary of the Lewis Carroll classic, to inspire students to read for pleasure; a skill needed to improve levels of literacy.

The author of Acid and Fearless said: “I was really pleased to become the school’s Patron of Reading for the second year running. I always enjoy my time here and I love the fact that I can share my love of books with all the students.”

Emma worked with Year 9 form groups to support their diary writing project. The students are writing and editing a yearlong journal of their lives as Titus Salt students. Year 8 students enjoyed creating their own stories based on the novel, Alice in Zombie Land!

Emma also worked with our Year 9 literacy intervention group on the power of storytelling which saw them creating their own story about a gorilla farm on Mars!

During Emma’s visit and following the same theme the Learning Resource Centre hosted various activities including playing ‘Jammie Dodger Lotto’ to help raise money for one of our Sixth Form’s chosen charities, Epilepsy Action.

The winner of the Lotto was Cerys Peel, who took home a signed copy of the Looking Glass Girl by Cathy Cassidy and a jar of Jammie Dodgers!

Main Picture -  Winner, Cerys Peel, Year 9

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