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We are thrilled to announce that Eva Murray was one of the runners up for her story, Mary in the First Story 100 Word Story competition, that can be read here 

The competition gives our young writers the experience of crafting something to a specific brief, meeting a deadline, going through a selection process. A number of schools from across the country submitted a shortlist of three entries and a winner was chosen from each, with one overall winner and two overall runners up. 

First Story explained “We don’t normally have a third place in the 100-Word Story Competition but the judges felt that the character study was so beautiful and intriguing that it could not go unrewarded and so we created a new prized position!” Feedback from the Judging Panel at VINTAGE: “About Eva’s marvellous piece, the judges at Vintage said, “‘Mary’ evokes a moment, a feeling and a character with brilliant economy.

It has an easy-going rhythm and yet it manages to pack a huge amount of detail into a short work. We loved it for its deft use of language, strength of voice and feeling of remembrance.”

Well done Eva, SJ Bradley, Ms Richardson and all the English staff are overjoyed and pleased you are continuing our winning streak for a second year running!’