Pupil Achievements

Royal Horticultural Society’s
Green Plan-it Challenge

A five-strong, enthusiastic team of Year 9 pupils have worked together to design a garden by entering the Royal Horticultural Society’s Green Plan-it Challenge. The Year 9 team won the overall award for the best design with the judges being impressed by their inspirational sensory garden and their enthusiasm.

Last term, members of the school’s Eco-club entered the competition, the aim, to inspire pupils about nature and plants by designing a garden that can be used by school. Two teams entered and had to produce a model, a report and a display. In doing so the pupils developed their skills in design, production and teamwork at the same time as learning about the Horticulture Industry.

The project started with a day at Leeds University where the pupils were given a course in design and used the University’s campus to see how garden design can be used in a variety of different contexts.

Each team was assigned a mentor from Industry. The Year 8 team worked with Cheri LeMay from Earthworks North and the Year 9 team worked with Tracey Foster from Tracy Foster Garden Design.

Both teams came up with a theme and a purpose for their design and over ten weeks produced a detailed model and report with the help of their mentors. They returned to Leeds University for the final and had to present their designs to a panel of judges.

There were some exceptional entries from the ten teams who took part and both our groups did very well, but Year 9 clinched the overall winner’s title. They are are now applying to the RHS for funding to turn their design into reality and the Year 9 team have been invited to appear on the BBC Radio Leeds Gardening show this month.

Well done to everyone who took part and a big thanks to the mentors and Mr Evans for their support.

Engineers of the future

2018 was the ‘Year of Engineering’ and every Year 9 pupil had the chance to be an engineer at a STEM focus day in December. Activities including hovercraft building, robotics and making a replica London Eye using paper, which challenged pupils to consider the various stages of the engineering process, from design and prototyping through to construction and testing.

The hovercraft teams designed their vehicles, cut and assembled the hovercraft and skirt before racing their finished craft in an exciting finale. The overall winners were Jethro, Teiya, Tia, Oliva, Willow and Faliha– whose beautifully designed and crafted swan-shaped hovercraft won the judges’ praise.

Pupils building replicas of the London Eye had a busy morning, as each team needed to roll 250 sheets of paper into stiff tubes.

These were then joined together to form the outer structure of the wheel, before the addition of a central cog and spokes completed the construction. When mounted on a frame, the wheel turned which was an impressive sight.

Qualifying for the prestigious 2020 European Wheelchair Basketball trials; Matty, Year 12, continues to impress with his skill and love of the game. Invited to attend the GB u22 Men’s Trial in Sheffield on the 18 December 2018, Matty will fight hard for a place on the team.

Well done to those Year 7 pupils who took up a TSS challenge before starting with us in September; it was nice to see so many enthusiastic pupils getting stuck into our annual reading challenge. This year we also introduced a writing challenge to encourage our new starters to push themselves even further. This proved popular and quite a number of pupils took part in both challenges.

Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies pupils have been gaining insight into the challenges Christians face in a modern secular Britain.

When studying the relationship between Charles I and Parliament what better thing to do than hop on the train and head straight for the capital city? That’s exactly what 28 Sixth Form A level Historians did last week.

Year 11 pupils have been given top tips from the boardroom to ensure they can take the advantage when considering next steps in education and career choices.

Challenging questions were asked of local MP, Mr Philip Davis, during a school workshop on climate change run by charity, Hope for the Future. We invited the Shipley MP into school to discuss issues relating to air pollution, green energy, fuel poverty and divesting in fossil fuels.   

Pupils were presented with a special award at the Midland Hotel on 26 September in recognition for their work on the project SUSOMAD (Stand Up, Speak Out and Make A Difference)

We are proud to announce that we have been successful in our bid to receive the Excellence in STEM Award.

This prestigious award run through the National STEM Centre and the National Science and Media museum was awarded to school to validate the emphasis on STEM within school. What makes this award even more exciting is that we were the first school in West Yorkshire to receive it!

 After 36 years of teaching at Titus Salt School (formerly named Salt Grammar School) Jill Pettifor is retiring today, 24 July 2018.

Jill came to the school in her second year of teaching and soon became Head of PE; then later, Leader for Creative and Cultural Faculty and most recently Faculty Leader PE and Outdoor Education.

Working together, Nathan Moore, Bailey Waugh and Sam Stefinuti took 3rd place winners in the under 18’s category in the Saltaire Festival Poetry competition.

Uriah Woodhead Building Merchants came into school to offer all the materials required to restore our very own Dragon Boat!

Our Year 7 pupils have undertaken a year-long literacy challenge which started off last July with the Year 6 Transition Summer Reading Challenge. As well as lots and lots of reading, pupils have completed various activities over the academic year such as designing window displays for our Learning Resource Centre, forging ideas for reading nooks around school and creating book marks.

Pupils at TSS took part in this year’s National Writing Day. Creative writing connects people to their own voices, to their homes, their languages and their own stories. Every one of us has stories to tell, memories to recount or secrets to reveal.