Special Educational Needs

The school works to promote the inclusion of all pupils with Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) through its policies and practice. We seek to make provision for pupils with a range of SEND and, by providing help and support, encourage these pupils to make progress and achieve success. Wherever possible, pupils with SEND are integrated with other pupils. The school’s SEN policy and offer is available to view.

Every pupil on the SEND register is monitored carefully and information about their needs shared with their teachers. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are written annually for Statemented pupils and those at School Action Plus to ensure appropriate targets are set. Staff also pass referrals regarding any pupils causing concern to the SEND Leader.

There are 100 pupils on the SEND register of whom 26 have a Statement/ Education Healthcare plan, 43 are at School Action Plus and 31 at School Action.


The school’s Disability Policy relates to any staff, pupils or parents/carers of pupils who have disabilities.

Following a disability access audit in and around the school we have drawn up a plan to improve access for disabled pupils; in relation to the physical environment, access to the curriculum and information. There are a number of accessible toilets on each level. Wheelchair access is via the Community Entrance. There is a lift servicing Levels 0 to 2 (situated near the Community Entrance) and a further lift with access to Level 3.

We liaise with external agencies such as Learning Support Service, Autism Support Service and support services for pupils with visual and hearing impairment.

There is alternative examination provision for visually and hearing impaired pupils.

Our School's SEND Offer

The Local Offer. The Local Offer is a new way of giving children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parents or carers 
information about what activities and support is available in the area where you live.

The local offer

To view our SEND Policy click here

Autism Support Days