Parent & Pupil Info

Our Parent Planner 2020-2021 is designed to provide you with information about some of our school systems and to help you and your child to get the most out of their time at Titus Salt School. By working together we can ensure a successful and happy progression for your child.

Our school day

8.35am      Building open to pupils
8.50am      Registration
9.05am      Period 1
10.05am    Period 2
11.05am    Break
11.20am    Period 3
12.20pm    Period 4
1.20pm      Lunch
2.00pm      Period 5
3.00pm      End of school day

Hello Year 6s!

Welcome to Titus Salt School! I hope you’re all keeping safe and staying healthy. This isn’t quite the introduction and welcome that we had hoped for, we are however, demonstrating some of our school’s key values, Resilience and persevere, Together we will get through these uncertain times. This page is to help you begin the transition process and ensure you get all the updates for September. We have lots of things planned to welcome you into our community.

To help settle any worries you might have, we have created a series of videos below to introduce ourselves to you, so you can put faces to names. In the coming weeks, we will also be able to introduce you to our Year 7 Form Tutors.

Have a look around this page and the rest of our school website so that you can learn about us as much as possible.

Wearing the correct uniform is an essential part of being prepared for work at school. We need your support to ensure that your child is always properly dressed for the working day. Wearing uniform is not an option; it is a clear expectation of all who are part of the Titus Salt Community. 

School holidays at a glance.

This includes staff training days.

14-16 Options Choices Booklet 2020

The purpose of this booklet is to help you think about the subjects you want to study in Years 10 and 11. Through discussions with your parents/carers, subject teachers and Form Tutor you need to decide on subjects that will suit you. It is also important to keep your options open for further study beyond age 16 and for your career progression routes.

Titus Salt School is a very popular choice for families and since 1990 we have been oversubscribed.

High Attendance means High Achievement

Aim for your child to be in school at least 96% of the time.
Pupils with more than 96% attendance gain the best results at GCSE, BTEC and AS/A2 Level. Therefore, being in lessons means pupils will achieve success.

Message from Mr Bird - dated June 2020

RE: Work experience placements for years 10 and 12 during July this year.

I have received notification earlier this week from Xperience- the company that organise placements for schools within Bradford authority that due to the situation regarding CVD19, work experience placements will not take place this academic year. 

With social media being the go to network for everyone, it is important that we take all precautions in protecting our online safety. Below you will find checklists for the most popular social media sites we access on a day to day basis. These checklists provide you with guidance on how to ensure your social media sites have been set up safely.

We encourage pupils to cycle to Titus Salt School as it is a sustainable means of transport that promotes independence and a healthy lifestyle. There is a large, covered cycle store between the Astro and the Fitness Suite that is covered by CCTV and is locked during school hours. The pupils will however still need to lock their bikes up and we recommend that they do this with a D-lock attaching the frame to the rack.

Support for Pupils with Complex Learning Needs

Additional Provision

We are in our eleventh year of providing increased support for pupils with Complex Learning Needs