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Every year, Titus Salt School rise to the challenge of celebrating National Writing Day. In the past, we have written the opening to an acceptance speech, crafted 24-word stories, dreamed up characters and shared our key memories. This year, we focussed on our hopes and dreams.

As part of my National Writing Day assembly, I went around school and asked different teachers what they wanted to be when they were little. We had firemen, Prime Ministers, superstar DJs, mermaids and, my personal favourite, a tree. The students had to guess which profession matched which teacher, which was a lot of fun! Few people guessed that Mr Morrel wanted to be a heart surgeon when he was young. Apparently, so he told me, he watched a live broadcast of one of the first heart transplants as a child and it made him vomit! Well, we’re glad you decided to become a teacher instead, Mr Morrel.

After some time thinking of their own aspirations, students were asked to draw around their hands and write about their plans for the future inside their hand shape. We had a huge response to the challenge with over 400 students participating! Well done to Osprey for being the house with the highest number of entries.

These hand shapes will now form a National Writing Day display to celebrate writing and the aspirational range of our students and staff.

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