Students from Dance, Drama and Art performed and exhibited at this year’s hugely popular rivers and canal themed Shipley Street Arts festival. Following our successful collaboration with the festival last year, the organisers approached us with the offer of providing workshops with professionals to produce performances and art work for the much bigger event this year.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the River Aire, the historical significance of the canal, as well as the emotional reactions of students to the outdoor performance space, Titus Salt dramatists created a Physical Theatre performance entitled 'Waterways'. Students decided upon the title for the piece based on a discussion of the movement of water; the freedom of natural water sources in contrast with humans' need to restrict and manipulate water; as well as water as a mode of transportation. Each of these themes were explored in the performance.

Year 7 and 8 Street Dance Club students performed The Water Dance, a Hip-Hop/ Street dance, based on the theme of water, promoting the characteristics of water through changing formations, dynamics and group relationships.  It is a funky and energetic piece, in which the dancers from Titus Salt took the lead in choreographing their own ideas and collating these within their final performance, which took place beside the canal in Shipley.

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Titus Salt dancers in KS3 and KS4 attended a series of workshops and rehearsals to help to compose a lyrical, contemporary dance, focusing upon the movement quality of water and its inherent ability to create and encourage life and vivacity. Aesthetically pleasing to watch, the piece demonstrated the technical challenges of the choreography, as well as highlighting the individual qualities and personalities of the dance students themselves. The dance, performed in Shipley town centre on the Sunday of the festival, attracted high praise from the festival organisers, who thought that the students were equal to any of the professional performers at the event!

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Year 9 Art students took part in a sculpture workshop during which they learned new skills to enable them to create some unusual and exciting fish sculptures made from wire. The sculptures were hung from wire and exhibited in and around Shipley town centre during the festival.