Solutions not Sides, is an organisation that visits schools to look at the Palestinian, Israeli conflict which includes a talk and question and answer session with an Israeli and Palestinian living and born in the current conflict.

When Solutions not Sides organisation came into school, we were left in no doubt that there are always two sides to a story.  Yhir from Israel and Ibrahim from Palestine shared their stories, both live in Jerusalem on different sides of the wall, both shared what it was like growing up in that area. Their stories were both sad and full of hope, both made us appreciate what we take for granted, their world was unsafe, both had experienced the deaths of people close to them, many young and born into the conflict with no choice about their circumstances. Ibrahim, a doctor in Jerusalem and Yhir, a musician also works to bring Palestinians and Israelis together to help them to understand that it is solutions not sides that are needed to bring about change.

Whilst Yhir and Ibrahim shared their stories we appreciated that they were the real stories behind the news we see every day, we also started to understand the complexity of the issues surrounding the division of land between Palestine and Israel, its history and possibilities for a way forward.

There is no doubt that our visit from Solutions not Sides allowed us to gain an invaluable insight into their world.  Many of us came with one view but we all left with a more holistic view, realising that there were many Yhirs and Ibrahims born into a conflict situation that they had nothing to do with……….. we learnt there are no sides, the only way forward is for Palestinians and Israelis to work together for a solution.

Written by Year 12 Sociology Group

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