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How Brexit Will Impact Young People

By Daniel, BBC News School Reporter


Back in 2016, on the 23rd of June, the European referendum was held in the UK. The result of which will affect UK citizens’ futures. Most of all, however, it will impact the young people as we are the ones that will feel the benefits or drawbacks of the decision. The result, as we all know, was to leave with a very close 52% of voters feeling we should exit.

One of the major factors for people wanting to leave is because it was said immigration would decrease. This seems good for young people as it means there will be more jobs for us to go into in the future. Also, with more eastern European countries joining the union, the most recent of which being Croatia in 2013, it means it is easier for people with bad intent to enter Europe from Asia and the Middle East to gain EU citizenship, and use the free movement policy to spread through Europe. This is positive for the future as it keeps the country safer, however, it may not be a permanent solution. Furthermore, Barack Obama said that if we left the EU then it would harm trade between the UK and America, however, Donald Trump has gone back on what Obama said and assured us that we will not be at the back of the queue.


This will hopefully be beneficial for the country’s economy. It will help by making it richer for the future but we have to be aware there is no agreement in place with President Trump so nothing is set in stone.

One of the major reasons to stay, similarly to my last point, is trade with European countries. Us leaving means we no longer have a trade agreement with the countries in the union. This could make it more expensive to import and export goods which would be negative for the future if people want to start logistics companies and so on. We are currently trying to negotiate with Europe and, on top of that, we are attempting to increase trading with commonwealth countries such as Australia and Canada, where relations are already strong. Another negative repercussion is that UK citizens might not be able to move freely between EU states unless they have dual nationality (like me) however, once again there are no official agreements in place so it’s all a bit up in the air at the moment. This could be negative for young people if they want to go work abroad in the future or if they want to do a gap year it may be more difficult. My uncle, for example, moved to Spain and is now quite successful. If we weren’t in the union, it might not have been a goal he could reach. Finally, imported goods are becoming more expensive. We are paying more or just as much for less. Look at Toblerones for example. They had to vastly reduce the amount of chocolate in a bar to stay competitively priced. Although this may be a positive thing as more people may use home-grown/made products in the future, thus creating even more jobs.

 Being able to establish whether leaving the EU might be a positive step is still yet unknown. The proof still remains to be seen.



Child Poverty

By Joseph, BBC News School Reporter

Child poverty is a worldwide crisis, with countless children not being able to afford to have a hot meal in front of them daily. How would you feel if you had to scrimp and save every last penny, just to survive a normal week?

Then how do define a child in poverty:

- A child’s family not having enough income

- growing up in a household with unmanaged debts

- also growing up where no one works

- children with many family breakdowns

- where parents have a life changing illness and the child focuses on keeping their parent or parents as healthy as possible

- having parents who have alcohol or drug addictions

After some research, it is clear that there has been an increase in child poverty from 2009 to 2016. Also, the government had a target to eradicate child poverty by 2020, however, they now predict that this estimation will not be achieved. I also found out that the percent of free school meals in nursery and primary schools have not decreased since a decade ago. I personally believe that the best way to prevent child poverty would be to tackle it at its source. This would mean ensuring that pupils leave school and college with adequate grades which would then mean they secure a good job for themselves, allowing them to be self-sufficient. This positive attitude will then be passed on through generations and reduce child poverty.  

Across the UK, there are children studying in schools who are approaching A-level examinations this summer, but can’t do anything with these attainments because their parents can’t afford to send them to top class universities such as, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge. We could have the brains of our next president in a child that couldn’t afford to make this his/her future. However, we could have a child that doesn’t have the potential to become the president, but has the money to pursue this career. It’s becoming increasingly evident that the government are halting the future of some poorer members of society by charging ridiculous fees for university.  These are the people who are academically bright enough, but ones who don’t have the money to pay for university costs.

We have many ways to reduce this situation occurring by helping parents secure a full time job to be able to offer support for the career of their child’s choice. They could also offer optional courses at university that give financial help. This would mean that many intelligent children can look and know that they may be able to have a future and go into their dream career.

So in conclusion, I think we could decrease the children in poverty by opening doors for bright kids that have struggled financially, by reducing university fees or many of the reasons stated above.




Technology gone bonkers

By Grace, BBC News School Reporters

 Grace Bush Technology


Technology has changed quite a bit over the years, starting from a computer made in 1622 by Charles Babbage, followed by the telephone created in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. From these creations, we have now improved computers, mobile phones, gaming stations and laptops.  We are blessed with top of the range technological equipment such as; iPhones, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, Orange, Sony, HTC and many more.

Children as young as seven years of age are using a mobile phone, which creates concern for parents, carers, guardians, teachers, family members and perhaps friends. If a child is addicted to a form of technology, it has a possible chance of damaging the child’s eyesight, or it could distract them from learning and understanding what they’re getting taught at school. It could even affect their mood. People are aware that children are just like teens in the sense that they’re addicted to mobile phones. They’re usually playing games, taking pictures, creating videos or talking to their friends most of the time which can be very stimulating. 

This mainly applies to teenagers but with the rise in the numbers of children using technology increases, younger children are copying this behaviour. 9 out of 10 children in the UK own a mobile phone. Parents, carers and guardians give children the right to use a mobile phone to communicate with them. For example, if your child can’t get a lift home, has come out of school late or needs to be picked up early because of an illness that has accrued before the end of the school day, they can then contact the child. 


There is a huge amount of peer pressure to have a mobile phone with the latest technology and design, in most cases it’s either an iPhone or a Samsung. This can lead to pupils feeling inadequate and disappointed with their parents or carers if they don’t have either one of these branded phones. There is also a lot of stress with being able to maintain communication with friends using things such as a “streak” on an “app” called “Snapchat” which is popular. This is where it tells you how many days you’ve been talking for. This can become obsessive and could make pupils feel down about themselves if they don’t have as many followers.

People seem to think that from this, technology is taking over children’s childhoods. Being able to play in the dirt, have sleepovers and do other things like that are huge parts of our social development. Children seem to be glued to their devices and choose not to tear themselves away. From day to day, it seems that our virtual self is more important than developing true friendships face to face.




Equality is Everything

By Ella , BBC News School Reporter

Equality is a concept that countless people have been striving towards throughout our history. From the rights or ethnic minorities, to the ongoing dispute about the gender pay gap that still exists in certain jobs nowadays. It seems that as a culture, the idea of being able to think outside the box and be open to new ideas is becoming easier for people to accept.

At Titus Salt School, like many others, there is a LGBTQ+ community, which have the aim to raise awareness, as a way of promoting acceptance and understanding in our day to day lives.

At the beginning of the term, a support group for all students who are part of the community and their friends was organised. From the initial meeting, it was evident that all students had a passion for raising awareness. After speaking to many students weeks after the group began, all those I had a conversation with mentioned they felt safe in the group and that it was a good place to meet people who have experienced similar situations to them.

I was taken aback by the maturity of all students in the group as they portrayed a deep understanding of others, and provided comfort and advice to their peers. Also, it was extremely heart-warming to see how many people had the courage to speak openly about their sexuality and gender identity. They were able to do this because they felt safe in an environment where they could do so. Members of staff were also happy to offer their support and devise interesting ideas for group activities that we could explore in these meetings. These reasons are why this group is an integral part of our school community now for a number of pupils.

This is the first time I have heard of such a group within a secondary school setting. It is an extremely important element of school life for those who attend. Overall, I believe that this support group is an excellent way to help LGBTQ+ students form new friendships, share advice and most importantly of all, feel comfortable in their own skin.




Musical extravaganza!

By Cerys , BBC News School Reporter

strictly muscials


This year, our fantastic annual performance consisted of a musical named 'Strictly Musicals'. This came about due to the never ending demand for us to perform a big name musical. So, the extremely talented and passionate teachers of 'Titus Salt School' put their heads together and conjured up this spectacular and extremely creative idea. The performance itself contained a variety of extremely popular and well-known musicals. For example, ‘Matilda’, ‘Wicked’, and many more eye catching shows. 

These performances took place over three nights; Tuesday 14th February, Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th. All three nights were extremely popular and each one had a selection of family and friends arriving to watch the outstanding performances of each person singing or dancing that night. As a cast, we couldn't be more grateful for the support we received from the audience throughout. As normal, each night contained minor mistakes or challenges but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. Some common ones were: microphone problems, dance issues and costumes malfunctions. However, this didn't contradict the already fantastically rehearsed and performed show. Every single cast member put their heart and soul into their performance despite the minor flaws.


The director and mastermind behind the incredible show, Mrs Forsberg, could not have worked harder during the planning and the actual performance of the play. She commented, "I was really pleased with the hard work and dedication shown by the cast of Strictly Musicals. The performance was a real team effort featuring some outstanding performances. A show like Strictly Musicals is much more demanding on performers than a traditional musicals as the full cast are on stage a lot more. However, the cast rose to the challenge, and the standard of singing and dancing was fantastic! I'm very proud of all of the performers."

The format of the show differed from previous annual performances due to the fact that there was a lack of acting. This was, however, replaced with much more infectious singing and awesome dancing, which made the audience want to join in. The audience were intrigued throughout and seemed to enjoy the exuberant show. One of the older students, Gabi, choreographed the majority of the dances she said, "Choreographing for Strictly Musicals took a lot of dedication and time. However, it was really fun and interesting to bring visions of big chorus numbers to life, through dance and music ". A huge congratulations to all who took part, and a farewell to those whose last play this was, and will not be performing with us in the future. So, all in all, this year saw a very successful show and I personally can't wait until next year’s performance!



Everyone’s going Krazy for Korean

By Summer, BBC News School Reporter

Recently, Korean music has become a global sensation as more people are discovering it. When listening, it is difficult to not become entranced by the stunning choreography and dazzling voices.

Nowadays, due to this new found interest, there are countless different bands to listen to, such as, ‘BTS’, ‘Got 7’, ‘Blackpink’, ‘EXO’, NCT’, ‘Hyuna’ and many more. One band in particular challenges the usual conventions of a band by having a group of thirteen members who call themselves ‘Seventeen’.

Korean music grabs the attention of an array of different fans. These include teenagers and adults who either ‘fangirl’ or ‘fanboy’ over these idols; these are also known as ‘Koreaboos’. Due to their fans being so supportive, ‘BTS’ has become the first Korean group to make it into the U.S. iTunes chart with their new songs, ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Not Today’. After this progression, the popularity of Korean music has now started to rise rapidly, with more people listening to it every day. This is then encouraging new bands to debut their music. Bands such as, ‘SF9’ and ‘Blanc7’ have recently come about. It is safe to say that there will be a lot more songs of this genre appearing on iTunes in years to come.

‘K-pop’ is what Korean music is more commonly known as. Fans tend to idolise these stars so much because they train tremendously hard to ensure that everything is perfect. As another form of inspiration, Korean musicians organise specific meet and greets as a way of being able to meet their fans and get to know them on a more personal level. As part of these sessions, Korean musicians will sign items and frequently give their fans gifts.

As a tribute to their Korean heroes, a lot of fans find inspired enough to create their own versions of their favourite videos and tutorials, as a form of tribute. People are so drawn to listening to their music and watching their videos because of the immaculate choreography and beautifully colourful and creative performances. Their fashion is so cool and no matter what they wear, they look amazing. Alongside this, their dance routines and mesmerising.

Thousands of people are in agreement that they cannot recommend this type of music enough. When asked one fan I spoke to said, “Some people think K-pop is just nothing but to me, it is my everything.” My friend, Ola, also commented, “K-pop idols always inspire me with their talent and determination, especially ‘Jimin’ from ‘BTS’ who always tries his hardest with his dancing and singing.”

It is clear to see that these idols are rising stars and will continue to grow in popularity due to their incredible talent. I feel that fans will always go ‘krazy’ for Korean.




Bradford Pays Its Respects

By Dominic , BBC News School Reporter

Bradford City Football Club is a very popular team located in West Yorkshire, England. They have a band of loyal fans who watch matches week in, week out. City have accomplished many things as a club, with their most recent achievements of attaining the N-Power League 2 Play-Off title, and promotion to the Sky-Bet League 1. During that season, they also had a cup run in the Capital One Cup where they made it to the final at Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately, Bradford lost 5-0 to Swansea City. However, they did knock out big teams like Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa and 2001-02 Premier League winners, Arsenal.

However, in 1985 Valley Parade went down in flames after a cigarette butt set fire to one of the stands. At the time, the seats were made out of large wooden sleepers. Over a number of years, countless wrappers, tissues and cigarette packets had accrued between the small slats of the sleepers. This unfortunately posed the perfect basis for a fire to take hold with immense power and speed. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the tragedy.

The disaster happened on the 11th May 1985 at Valley Parade, Bradford, during an English League Third Division match between Bradford City and Lincoln City. The match started in a ‘celebratory atmosphere’ for Bradford, after receiving the English League Third Division trophy. At 3:40pm, a small fire was reported by John Helm, a TV reporter that day. However, in less than four minutes, windy conditions had engulfed the fire, covering the whole stadium and trapping supporters in the stands and on the pitch. A witness who attended the match said, “We had to stand back from the pitch because of the tremendous heat from the main stand. When you got out of the ground onto Midland Road, spectators were sitting on the floor against the wall, stunned with shock. We could see that their clothes were smouldering as smoke was coming off them.” He went on to say, “The scenes were like something out of a horror movie. People were telling their family members to escape while they could due to fear of not being able to, and potentially risking family members’ lives as well. A policeman’s hair caught fire because of the heat, even though he was nowhere near the flames themselves. It was like a furnace. The scenes were the most horrific things I have ever seen.”

The only real positive that came out of this terrible tragedy was that the community around the stadium couldn’t do enough to help the fans who came pouring out.

The fire injured 265 people and killed 56. Outside the stadium, they have a memorial for the 56 that died. Across the country, people remember those who had fallen that day as a way of showing their respect.


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Cruelty for Beauty?

By Lauren, BBC News School Reporter

 Aninal testing  

Animal testing has caused huge controversy all over the world for a number of years. It has touched many people’s hearts and emotions due to the nature of these acts. Animals are living and breathing creatures, just like you and me. Who are we to say that putting them through misery is fine, just to make our skin look more flawless than before? Testing on these beautiful creatures is a cruel and horrible thing to do. It is quite ironic that we would torture these animals, just to make sure these products are ‘safe’ for humans to use. How would you feel if your pet was locked up in a cage, waiting to be punished for something they haven’t actually done?

Some extremely well-known make-up brands, such as, M.A.C., Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Maybelline are supposedly guilty of using animals to test their products on. In my opinion, I think animal testing is wrong and definitely should be banned immediately. There are vulnerable, innocent animals out there who are abused daily. It must stop.

Have you ever sat and thought about the pain and suffering these animals go through? There are over 50 cosmetic and haircare products who use animal testing as a method of ensuring products are safe. All of which put these animals through pain and suffering, and leave them feeling very lonely with nowhere to turn. That isn’t even the half of it. It has been estimated that over 500 million animals are burned, poisoned and abused in US laboratories every year



However, there is a different side to the story. A lot of members of the public believe that testing on animals is a positive step as it means that humans are kept safer, reducing the chance of us having a dangerous reaction to the products. Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures. It also helps to improve people’s health and ensures the medicinal drugs we take are safe for consumption. Drugs prescribed by people in the medical profession can carry particular dangers, meaning that animal testing can be the only option at times.

Even though testing on animals can be beneficial for our health, I still firmly believe that animal testing should be banned, and only used in extreme circumstances.



Leeds, Leeds, Leeds!

By Josh, BBC News School Reporter

Leeds United Football Club’s history is an extremely prominent one when it comes to developing huge stars. These include the likes of Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner, Alan Smith and Harry Kewell. Leeds currently play in the Championship which is the second biggest league in England. They are sitting within the top four in the extremely competitive league and, if the season continues the way it is at the minute, Leeds could be posed with the opportunity of getting into the playoffs. This could mean the chance of securing a spot in the Premier League.

The fans who call Elland Road their home are amongst some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the whole of the U.K. One of their favourite players, Pontus Jansson, even has his own chant which loyal followers sing their hearts out to. Leeds’ star striker, Chris Wood, has scored the most goals in the league so far which is a tremendous achievement.

On Saturday, Leeds are coming up against Queens Park Rangers, who are currently sitting in fifth position in the league, just behind Leeds. However, the main threats to Leeds United at the minute are Brighton and Newcastle United who are sitting in first and second position in the league.

Leeds United’s past is amongst the greatest, with a ‘top of the table’ record in the BPL. This was slightly overshadowed recently by a supposed ‘fix’ from a referee. Fans were furious about the ‘so called’ deliberate error but the decision stood as initially directed by the referee. According to fans, the referee called a penalty for a handball which was apparently outside of the box.

Elland Road’s stadium has the capacity to hold a vast amount of fans, which is around 39,000. The south stand is where fans want to be because it houses the most uplifting atmosphere, with non-stop singing and chanting throughout the matches. The most infectious chant they sing is “Marching on Together”.

Leeds United are looking very strong at the minute. Let’s hope we can keep this winning mentality up throughout the rest of the season.



iPhone 7 Generation

By Lauren, BBC News School Reporter

Can you imagine living in a world without your mobile phone? It feels as though social media is taking over the universe at a rapid rate. Everyone can be anyone on the internet nowadays, and it appears as though your ‘online self’ is more important than how people see you in ‘real life’.

There are so many social media websites to browse which include, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Instagram. These apps are becoming increasingly more popular as time goes by, with more features appearing daily. There are around 140,000 websites being made per day alone, so it is hard to avoid the urge to pick up your mobile and check what’s going on constantly. Imagine not having a phone; it’s like losing a part of you. You’d be lost without it.

The top mobile phone manufacturers are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends and the growing demand for the most modern technology. Recently, Apple have released the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in September 2016. These new phones have a range of exciting new features on them, some of which are listed below:

-          new, upgraded camera

-          available in 5 different colours

-          stereo speakers

-          wireless headphones

-          longest battery life ever

-          better resolution

As you can see, the quality of our internet surfing has come a long way, even since iPhone was invented. In June 2007, the first iPhone was released. It was extremely popular, with people buying more and more of these products throughout the world. Now the company is extremely widespread, making a massive amount of money yearly. In just one year, Apple managed to earn a staggering $233.7bn.

As you can see, the popularity of Apple is soaring at the minute. I can’t wait to see what other gadgets they have up their sleeves in the future.